Biofilm Competitive Fitness


Junker (2006) identified 114 biofilm-important and 80 planktonic-important candidate genes that appear to be important for biofilm formation or planktonic growth in a competitive environment.


A collection of random Tn5 mutants was incubated in either a biofilm or planktonic reactor vessel, and harvested cells after 62 hrs of continuous culture. Panorama E. coli DNA array membranes (Sigma-Genosys Biotechnologies) were then used to identify Tn5 mutations that were under-represented (selected against) during either biofilm or planktonic growth. 114 biofilm-important genes and 80 planktonic-important candidate genes were identified. ArcA was validated as important for biofilm formation.

4/80 planktonic-important genes identified have been removed from EcoGene as probably spurious gene annotations.
Therefore, 114 biofilm- and 76 planktonic-important genes, a total of 190 genes, are included in this Topic.