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Zhao,2010Experimentsflagellar biosynthesis E. coli K-12 MG1655 Affymetrix GeneChipR E. coli Antisense Genome Arrays The DNA microarray results showed that a change of the intracellular level of a given sigma factor will cause a change of the transcriptional level of genes dependent on the sigma factor.Richard R. Burgess
Pasquer,2010ExperimentsBroad spectrum microarray E. coli K-12 ACW-universal-95000-v2 Jürg E Frey
Neusser,2010ExperimentsRole of 6SRNA in stationary phase transitionE. coli K-12 MC4100Genome AROS v 2.0. Note the probes are from 4 strains of E. coli and 3 plasmidsAuthors report 1.5 fold change as significant and use qRT-PCR for validated; however no genes over 2 fold were validated.Rolf Wagner
Nahku,2010ExperimentsGrowth rate dependent gene expressionE. coli K-12 MG1655KTH_E.Coli_6k_Oligo_Microarray (KTH Microarray Center (Stockholm, Sweden))For microarray analysis, steady state chemostat cultures of E. coli K12MG1655 were used as a reference (= 0.3 h?1). Quasi-steady state points at specific growth rate 0.47�0.02 h?1 were compared to the reference samples in triplicate biological parallels. Compared samples were obtained from experiments carried out with 10 g l?1 of glucose in medium.Ranno Nahku
Kim,2010Experimentspersister cell formation E. coli K-12 BW25113 Affymetrix E. coli GeneChip Genome 2.0 array The microarray analysis was performed using planktonic cells of E. coli K-12 BW25113 hfq (deletion mutant) vs. BW25113 wild-type cells. The whole-transcriptome study showed that Hfq, a small RNA chaperone, induces transport-related genes, outer membrane protein-related genes, and proteases. Thomas K. Wood
Moon,2009Experimentssmall RNA MgrR Escherichia coli K-12 [E_coli_2] Affymetrix E. coli Genome 2.0 Array Kyung Moon
Bailey,2009ExperimentsTriclosan; Drug resistanceE. coli K-12 (MG1655); Salmonella typhimurium SL1344Slides; Operon Array Ready E. coli 1.0 microarray oligonucleotide set (Qiagen-Operon)Differences in gene expression regarding the core response to triclosan were observed between E. coli K-12 and Salmonella typhimurium when grown in MOPS minimal medial. The cells from each species were exposed to the MIC of triclosan - 0.12 mg/L.Laura J. V. Piddock
Phadtare,2009ExperimentsTranscription, Initiation factor 1 (IF1)E. coli K-12 JM83 IntelliGene E.coli chip Version 2 A transcriptome analysis was completed to analyze the over-expression of IF1 (initiation factor 1) in E. coli.Sangita Phadtare
Cho,2009Experimentstranscription unit architecture E. coli K-12 MG1655 UCSD, NimbleGen_E_coli_MG1655_371K Tiling_Array_2005 Bernhard Ø Palsson
Glover,2009ExperimentsL-Form Formation; Survival E. coli K-12 BW25113; E. coli K-12 W3110 Affymetrix E. coli Genome 2.0 Array A transcriptome analysis was used to compare classical colonies and antibiotic-induced unstable L-form colonies. Ying Zhang