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Aberg,2009ExperimentsppGpp and DksA deficiencies on transcription E. coli K-12 MG1655slidesGrown in LB medium at 37 degrees C to the beginning of stationary phase (OD600 of 1.5). Carlos Balsalobre
Asakura,2009Experimentscell death; restriction–modification gene complex E. coli K-12 BW25113; MG1655 Affymetrix E. coli Antisense Genome Array A transcriptome analysis was completed on r+ and r- cells; r = restriction–modification gene complex.Yoko Asakura
Haddadin,2009ExperimentsSerine Hydroxamate E. coli K-12 MG1655 Affymetrix Anti-sense E. coli GeneChip Sarah W. Harcum
Worden,2009ExperimentsEnvironmental PH; cadmium toxicity E. coli K-12 MG1655 University of Alberta MAF Operon E. coli Genome Oligo Set Version 1.0 A whole-transcriptome analysis of pH effects on cadmium toxicity was completed at pH5 and pH7. A total of 151 genes were differentially expressed.Todd R. Sandrin
Kailasan Vanaja,2009ExperimentsRole of GadE for the AR of E. coli O157:H7TW08264 TW15901 TW15902 TW15903 TW15904 TW15905 Microarray slidesStrains were grown to OD (600)=0.1.Sivapriya Kailasan Vanaja
Lee,2009ExperimentsReconfiguration of E. coli to control biofilm formation via indole and N-acylhomoserine lactonesE. coli K-12 BW25113 and its isogenic mutantsE. coli GeneChip Genome 2.0 array Thomas K. Wood
Attila,2009Experiments5-Fluorouracil effect on biofilm formation in Escherichia coli K-12 E. coli K-12 and E. coli O157:H7 strainsE. coli GeneChip Genome 2.0 arraysThomas K. Wood
Nobre,2009ExperimentsCORM; antimicrobial action of a carbon monoxide E. coli K-12 MG1655 Affymetrix GeneChip E. coli Genome 2.0 Arrays The data represents an analysis of the gene expression changes occurring when E. coli, grown both aerobically and anaerobically, is treated with the carbon monoxide-releasing molecule CORM-2. Lígia M. Saraiva
Davidge,2009ExperimentsGlobal Transcriptional RegulatorsE. coli K-12 derivatives vs the wild type (MG1655)SlidesCORM-3 was added to cultures at log phase (A600=0.5). Four biological repeats of control and CORM-3-exposed cells were used. p<10^-6.Robert K. Poole
White-Ziegler,2009ExperimentsH-NS controlled temperature regulated genesDL1947Microarray slidesWhite-Zeigler CA