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Tao,1999Experimentsglucose, gluconate or rich mediaE. coli K-12 MG1655nylon membranes; Panorama array, Sigma-GenosysTyrrell Conway
Richmond,1999Experimentsheat shock; isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)E. coli K-12 MG1655slide and nylon membrane; PCR customThe authors used radio-labeled cDNA spot blots for comparison to the fluorescently labeled microarray. For consistency only the fluorescently labeled microarray data is presented here in EcoArray. Craig S. Richmond
Gill,1999Experimentsheat shockE. coli K-12 W3110nylon membrane; Panvera Inc.W. E. Bentley
Oh,2000Experimentscarbon sources: glucose, acetate, and glycerolE. coli K-12 MC4100slide(111); Genosys and customThe data is presented in a graphical format. Some data points represent regulation of an entire operon. It is unlikely that all the genes in the operon are influenced to the same degree due to differential degradation. Therefore in those cases, the value is only reported for the first gene of the operon.James C. Liao
Barbosa,2000ExperimentsmarAE. coli K-12 PanoramaAll of the values presented in EcoArray are an average of the two values presented in the publication. Stuart Levy
Oh,2000ExperimentsluxA overproduction (exogenous protein)E. coli K-12 MC4100slide(135); Genosys This publication looks at the effects of exogenous protein overexpression in multiple E. coli strain backgrounds grown in minimal or complex media.James C. Liao
Khodursky,2000ExperimentsDNA replicationEscherichia coli ecoli_3.0; ecoli_4.3 (SMD) Nicholas R. Cozzarelli
Brocklehurst,2000Experimentsmetal-ion (zinc, cadmium, cobalt, nickel)E. coli K-12 TG1/TG2nylon membranes; Panorama array, Sigma-GenosysStrains were cultivated in media containing increasing concentrations of metal ions to induce metal tolerance in cells.Andrew P. Morby
Arfin,2000ExperimentsIHF (null)E. coli K-12 IH100/IH105nylon membranes; Panorama array, Sigma-GenosysThe four values provided were averaged.G. Wesley Hatfield
Khodursky,2000Experimentstrp metabolismE. coli K-12 W3110slide; PCR customCharles Yanofsky