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White-Ziegler,2008ExperimentsLow temperature; RpoS-dependent genes E. coli K-12 MC4100 3DNA Array 350 RP Expression Array Detection kit The data represents gene expression over long-term growth at 23 and 37 degrees Celsius. A total of 297 genes were up-regulated at 23 degrees, while 126 genes were more highly expressed at 37 degrees.Christine A. White-Ziegler
Marincs,2006ExperimentsmetJE. coli K-12 DY37850mer oligo MWG array (4288 genes) and PCR based for 73 genesPeter G. Stockley
Liu,2007ExperimentslysCW311070-mer oligo from University of Alberta, Edmonton, CanadaThe authors use a 1.5-fold change and an adjusted p-value of 0.01 to assign significance. With this method they indicate 54 up-regulated and 64 down-regulated genes; using our 2-fold cutoff we only represent 12 up-regulated and 19 down-regulated genes (these genes do not all meet the author's p<=0.01 cutoff). Although this publication validates using semiquantitative RT-PCR, there are no dye swapping experiments to control for any preferential binding.Tzong-Hsiung Hseu
Pasquer,2010ExperimentsBroad spectrum microarray E. coli K-12 ACW-universal-95000-v2 Jürg E Frey
Hosoda,2011ExperimentsCooperative Adaptation; Synthetic Bacterial Mutualism Escherichia coli K-12 DH1 Affymetric GeneChip® E. coli Genome Antisense Genome Array Tetsuya Yomo
Keren,2004Experimentsampicillin persister cellsE. coli K-12 AT984 AffymetrixKim Lewis
Matsuyama,2004Experimentssymbiosis with dictyosteliumE. coli K-12 YMC21AffymetrixTetsuya Yomo
Kaldalu,2004Experimentsampicillin; ofloxacinE. coli K-12 HM1AffymetrixKim Lewis
Li,2003ExperimentsrnpA temperature sensitiveE. coli K-12 A49AffymetrixPublication points out regulation of intergenic regions at 43C compared to 30C for an RNaseP deficient cell; focus is on intergenic regions because these are the areas in which RNaseP functions.Sidney Altman
Masuda,2003ExperimentsevgA; ydeO E. coli K-12 MG1655AffymetrixGeorge M. Church