Microarray Experiments in Marincs 2006

Marincs 2006metJE. coli K-12 DY37850mer oligo MWG array (4288 genes) and PCR based for 73 genes Peter G. Stockley
3 gene experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataGene nameAlleleComments
Gene1Show experimental datametJdeletionLB, strains compared were a strain with a WT copy on a plasmid, or an empty plasmid, and RNA samples were harvested at mid exp phase, "big array"
Gene2Show experimental datametJdeletionLB, deletion compared to WT, no presence of plasmids; RNA samples were harvested at mid exp phase, only miniarray
Gene3Show experimental datametJsite directed Q44Kcompared the mutant metJ to wild type metJ on plasmid in a metJ::kan background