Microarray Experiments in Liu 2007

Liu 2007lysCW311070-mer oligo from University of Alberta, Edmonton, CanadaThe authors use a 1.5-fold change and an adjusted p-value of 0.01 to assign significance. With this method they indicate 54 up-regulated and 64 down-regulated genes; using our 2-fold cutoff we only represent 12 up-regulated and 19 down-regulated genes (these genes do not all meet the author's p<=0.01 cutoff). Although this publication validates using semiquantitative RT-PCR, there are no dye swapping experiments to control for any preferential binding. Tzong-Hsiung Hseu
1 gene experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataGene nameAlleleComments
Gene1Show experimental datalysClysC::Cmrdeletionno out cross was performed prior to RNA extraction to control for any non-specific activity of red recombinase