Microarray Experiments in Fantino 2010

Fantino 2010cobalt stress E. coli K-12 MC4100 Gif/Orsay DNA microarrays PlatformAnalysis used RNA extracted from Escherichia coli exposed or not to cobalt. Experiments were done with E. coli MC4100 cultures exposed to CoCl2 (250 µM) in mid-exponential phase during 30 min. Comparisons were made across multiple arrays, using E. coli MC4100 DNA microarrays spotted with PCR products at the Gif/Orsay DNA microarrays Platform. Frédéric Barras
1 chemical experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataNameConcentrationTime addedDurationComments
Chemical1Show experimental datacobalt250 µMmid-exponential phase30 minCultures were grown in LB at 37 degrees Celsius and submitted to sub-lethal cobalt stress. Triplicate experiments revealed that cobalt exposure led to up-regulation of fourteen genes and down-regulation of nine genes. Six of these genes failed to exhibit a twofold difference in qRT-PCR validation experiments.