GenePage for the gfcE gene of Escherichia coli K-12

Primary Gene Name: gfcE
EcoGene Accession Number: EG13728
K-12 Gene Accession Number: ECK0974
MG1655 Gene Identifier: b0983
Gene Name Mnemonic: Group 4 Capsule
Alternate Gene Symbols: yccZ
Description: Probable OMA family export channel; required to make O-antigen capsule; outer membrane auxillary lipoprotein
  # bp Upstream # bp Downstream
MW: 41740.76 ---------379 aa Pre-Run BlastP UniProt
Pre-Run BlastP NR+Env
Left End: 1044664
Left Intergenic Region

Name: etp_gfcE

Length: 13 bp overlap

Orientation: Codirectional-

Left_end: 1044664

Right_end: 1044676

Centisome: 22.51

Genomic Address
Minute or Centisome (%) = 22.51
Right End: 1045803
Right Intergenic Region

Name: gfcE_gfcD

Length: 45 bp gap

Orientation: Codirectional-

Left_end: 1045804

Right_end: 1045848

Centisome: 22.53

E. coli K-12 does not produce O-antigen capsule polysaccharide because the cryptic gfcABCDE-etp-etk operon is silenced by IS1D in the promoter region (Peleg, 2005). GfcE is required for O-antigen capsule formation in enteropathogenic (EPEC) E. coli strain O127:H6 and probably forms an OMA family polysaccharide export channel (Paulsen, 1997; Peleg, 2005). gfcE(yccZ) and wza are paralogs. GfcE structure and function is inferred by analogy with the Wza function translocating group 1 K30 capsular polysaccharide in E. coli E69 (O9a:K30) (Drummelsmith, 2000; Nesper, 2003; Beis, 2004; Reid, 2005; Dong, 2006). Since the outer membrane protein Wza interacts with the periplasmic domain of Wzc it is likely that GfcE associates with the Wzc paralog Etk (Nadler, 2012). The first 20 aa of GfcE are a type II signal peptide. otherPDB(E. coli K30): 2J58 (Dong, 2006). otherPDB(E. coli K30): 2W8H, 2W8I (Hagelueken, 2009).

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